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Schriftenreihe: Fisheries Research Report

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Determination and development of cost effective techniques to monitor recreational catch and effort in Western Australian demersal finfish fisheries : final report for FRDC Project 2005/034 and WAMSI Subproject 4.4.3 Wise, B. S. et al. 2013 245
2 Biology, history, and assessment of Western Australia abalone fisheries 2013 241
3 Conceptual models for Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) in Western Australia Metcalf, S.J. et al. 2009 194
4 Investigating Reproductive Biology Issues Relevant to Managing the Western Rock Lobster Broodstock Melville-Smith, R. et al. 2009 193
5 Determination of a cost effective methodology for ongoing age monitoring needed for the management of scalefish fisheries in Western Australia : Final FRDC Report – Project 2004/042 Crane, Montogmery et al. 2009 192
6 A preliminary investigation of the potential impacts of the proposed Kwinana Quay development on the commercially and recreationally important fish and crab species in Cockburn Sound Wakefield, C. B. et al. 2009 186
7 Performance indicators, biological reference points and decision rules for Western Australian abalone fisheries (Haliotis sp.): (1) Standardised catch per unit effort Hart, Anthony et al. 2009 185
8 Aquaculture Feed Grains Program Glencross, B. 2008 178
9 An assessment of the finfish catch by recreational fishers, tour operators, commercial lobster fishers and commercial wetline fishers from the Houtman Abrolhos Islands during 2006 Sumner, Neil 2008 175
10 Spatial scales of exploitation among populations of demersal scalefish: implications for management. : Part 2: Stock structure and biology of two indicator species, West Australian dhufish (Glaucosoma hebraicum) and pink snapper (Pagrus auratus), in the West Coast Bioregion Lenanton, R. et al. 2009 174
11 Evaluation of the effectiveness of reducing dolphin catches with pingers and exclusion grids in the Pilbara trawl fishery : Final FRDC Report – Project 2004/068 Stephenson, P.C. et al. 2008 173
12 Identifying Obstacles to Profitably Growing Out Western Rock Lobsters : A Report Prepared for the Aquaculture Development Council Melville-Smith, R. et al. 2008 172
13 Evaluation of exclusion grids to reduce the bycatch of dolphins, turtles, sharks and rays in the Pilbara trawl fishery : DBIF funded Project Stephenson, P.C. et al. 2008 171
14 Biomass and commercial catch estimates for abalone stocks in areas proposed as sanctuary zones for the Capes Marine Park Hesp, A. et al. 2008 170
15 Sustainable development of barramundi cage aquaculture at Lake Argyle : Final FRDC Report and KSRP Report – Project 2003/026 Glencross, B. et al. 2007 168

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