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Schriftenreihe: Working paper // Technology and Innovationmanagement

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Projektmanagement im Innovationsprozess : Analyse des Managements von Innovationsprojekten am Beispiel des Lead User-Ansatzes Schmidt, Tobias Sebastian et al. 2015 90
2 Does cognitive distance affect product development for distant target groups? : evidence from the literature using co-citation methodology Marwede, Malte et al. 2015 89
3 Frugale Innovation : wissenschaftliche Einordnung eines neuen Innovationsbegriffs Herstatt, Cornelius et al. 2015 88
4 The intellectual pillars of user innovation : a co-citation analysis Herstatt, Cornelius et al. 2014 87
5 India's Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) : social construction of a "frugal" innovation Herstatt, Maximilian et al. 2014 86
6 Global innovation strategies of German hidden champions in key emerging markets Buse, Stephan et al. 2014 85
7 Frugal innovation and analogies : some propositions for product development in emerging economies Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2014 84
8 R&D employees' intention to exchange knowledge in open innovation projects Nedon, Verena et al. 2014 83
9 Exogenous vs. endogenous governance in innovation communities : effects on motivation, conflict and justice : an experimental investigation Störmer, Niclas et al. 2014 82
10 Determinants of user innovator behavior in the silver market Wellner, Konstantin et al. 2014 81
11 Lead markets in age-based innovations Levsen, Nils et al. 2014 80
12 The cradle-to-cradle (C2C) paradigm in the context of innovation management and driving forces for implementation Drabe, Viktoria et al. 2014 79
13 Implementation of lead users into management practice : a literature review of publications in business press Lehnen, Jens et al. 2014 78
14 Shareconomy : performance-oriented systems as a strategy Schiederig, Tim et al. 2014 77
15 "Too good" to succeed? Why not just try "good enough"! : some deliberations on the prospects of frugal innovations Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2013 76
16 Innovieren für preisbewusste Kunden : Analogieeinsatz als Erfolgsfaktor in Schwellenländern Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2013 75
17 Lessons from low-cost healthcare innovations for the Base-of the Pyramid markets : how incumbents can systematically create disruptive innovations Ramdorai, Aditi et al. 2013 74
18 To own or not to own : how ownership affects user innovation : an empirical study in the German rowing community Tietze, Frank et al. 2013 73
19 Open global innovation networks as enablers of frugal innovation: propositions based on evidence from India Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2012 72
20 Consumer innovation in the poor versus rich world : some differences and similarities Praceus, Sarah et al. 2012 71
21 Frugal innovations for the 'unserved' customer: an assessment of India's attractiveness as a lead market for cost-effective products Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2012 69
22 The emergence of care robotics : a publication and patent analysis Göldner, Moritz et al. 2012 68
23 India - a lead market for frugal innovations? : extending the lead market theory to emerging economies Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2012 67
24 Cross-divisional innovation in large, multi-divisional firms : economic relevance and managerial actions Grote, Markus et al. 2012 66
25 "Silver" product design : product innovation for older people Herstatt, Cornelius et al. 2011 65
26 Role of "Lead Market" factors in globalization of innovation: emerging evidence from India & its implications Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2011 64
27 What is green Innovation? : a quantitative literature review Schiederig, Tim et al. 2011 63
28 Firms' transition towards green product service system innovators Tietze, Frank et al. 2011 62
29 Lead market factors for global innovation : emerging evidence from India Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2011 61
30 A typology of technology market intermediaries Tietze, Frank 2010 60
31 Intermediaries and Innovation : why they emerge and how they facilitate IP transactions on the markets for technology Tietze, Frank et al. 2009 59
32 How open is open source : software and beyond Balka, Kerstin et al. 2009 58
33 Influence of government policies on industry development : the case of India's automotive industry Ranawat, Mahipat et al. 2009 57
34 The emergence of Indian multinationals : an empirical study of motives, status-quo and trends of Indian investments in Germany Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2009 56

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