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Schriftenreihe: Indian and Tibetan studies

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 A timely message from the cave : the Mahāmudrā and intellectual agenda of dGe-bshes Brag-phug-pa dGe-dun-rin-chen (1926-1997), the Sixty-Ninth rJe-mkhan-po of Bhutan Schwerk, Dagmar 2020 11
2 Colophons, prefaces, satellite stanzas : paratextual elements and their role in the transmission of Indian texts 2020 10
3 Authenticity and authentication : glimpses behind the scenes of the formation of the Tibetan Buddhist canon Almogi, Orna 2020 9
4 Birds as ornithologists scholarship between faith and reason : intra-and inter-disciplinary perspectives 2020 8
5 The clear realisation of the quintessential instructions on all dharma practices : a critical edition and annotated translation of the *Sarvadharmacaryopadeśābhisamayatantra (Chos spyod thams cad kyi man ngag mngon par rtogs paʾi rgyud) based on two unpublished manuscripts from the ʾBras-spungs-gnas-bcu-lha-khang Bajetta, Nicola 2019 6
6 Cross-cultural transmission of Buddhist texts : theories and practices of translation 2016 5
7 Tibetan manuscript and xylograph traditions : the written word and its media within the Tibetan culture sphere 2016 4
8 Das Wesen des Buddha-Erwachens in der frühen Yogācāra-Schule Nakamura-Walbeck, Ayako 2016 3
9 Die "Vier Yoga"-Stufen der Mahāmudrā-Meditationstradition : eine Anthologie aus den Gesammelten Schriften des Mönchsgelehrten und Yogin Phag mo gru pa rDo rje rgyal po (kritischer Text und Übersetzung) Schiller, Alexander 2014 2
10 God, reason and yoga : a critical edition and translation of the commentary ascribed to Śaṅkara on Pātañjalayogaśāstra 1.23-28 Harimoto, Kengo 2014 1

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