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Schriftenreihe: Working paper // Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Institute for Technology and Innovation Management

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 The research field of Social Innovation : deriving an updated view on the field through a co-citation analysis Fazekas, Andreas et al. 2020 111
2 Opportunities of frugality in the post-Corona era Herstatt, Cornelius et al. 2020 110
3 The Deliberative Frugal Mindset : a model of managerial opportunity recognition for frugal innovation Krohn, Malte et al. 2020 109
4 User entrepreneurs for social innovation : the case of patients and caregivers as developers of tangible medical devices Göldner, Moritz et al. 2019 108
5 Belief elicitation study: identifying salient beliefs of patients towards the use of mHealth Hennings, Christine et al. 2019 107
6 User innovation barriers and their impact on user-developed products Pieper, Thorsten et al. 2018 106
7 What pathways lead to frugal innovation? : some insights on modes & routines of frugal, technical inventions based on an analysis of patent data in German auto components industry Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2018 105
8 Soft power of frugal innovation and its potential role in India's emergence as a global lead market for affordable excellence Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2018 104
9 The question of a frugal mindset in Western MNCs : exploring an emerging phenomenon with a systematic literature review Krohn, Malte et al. 2018 103
10 All that glitters is not gold : how motives for open innovation collaboration with startups diverge from action in corporate accelerators Moschner, Sandra-Luisa et al. 2017 102
11 Lead user method vs. innovation contest : an empirical comparison of two open innovation methodologies for identifying social innovation for flood resilience in Indonesia Goeldner, Moritz et al. 2017 101
12 A comparison of German and Indian innovation pathways in the auto component industry Kalogerakis, Katharina et al. 2017 100
13 Potenziale frugaler Innovationen : Handlungsimplikationen für das deutsche Forschungs- und Innovationssystem Kalogerakis, Katharina et al. 2017 99
14 Innovation pathways and trajectories in India's auto component industry Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2017 98
15 Innovationspfade in der deutschen Automobilzulieferindustrie : eine Untersuchung aus der Frugalitätsperspektive Bergmann, Stephan et al. 2017 97
16 Frugal innovation in Germany : a qualitative analysis of potential socio-economic impacts Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2017 96
17 Standard implementation trajectories for sustainable product design : a configurational approach Smits, Armand et al. 2016 95
18 India's potential as a lead market for frugal innovation and the role of socio-cultural context factors Tiwari, Rajnish 2016 94
19 A bibliometric analysis of academic papers on frugal innovation Tiwari, Rajnish et al. 2016 93
20 External search for exploration of future discontinuities and trends : implications from the literature using co-citation and content analysis Polier, Sara et al. 2016 92
21 Are patients and relatives the better innovators? : the case of medical smartphone applications Göldner, Moritz et al. 2016 91

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