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Schriftenreihe: DEP discussion papers

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Oil price shocks and protest : can shadow economy mitigate? Ishak, Phoebe W. et al. 2019 2019,1
2 Deciphering professional forecasters' stories : analyzing a corpus of textual predictions for the German economy Fritsche, Ulrich et al. 2018 2018,4
3 Has macroeconomic forecasting changed after the Great Recession? : panel-based evidence on accuracy and forecaster behaviour from Germany Döpke, Jörg et al. 2018 2018,3
4 Theories, techniques and the formation of German business cycle forecasts : evidence from a survey among professional forecasters Döpke, Jörg et al. 2017 2017,1
5 Are consumers planning consumption according to an Euler equation? Dräger, Lena 2016 2016,5
6 Labor productivity slowdown in the developed economies : another productivity puzzle? Erber, Georg et al. 2016 2016,4
7 Cross-border banking and business cycles in asymmetric currency unions Dräger, Lena et al. 2015 2015,1
8 Market discipline across bank governance models : empirical evidence from German depositors Arnold, Eva et al. 2015 2015,2
9 Are consumer expectations theory-consistent? : the role of macroeconomic determinants and central bank communication Dräger, Lena et al. 2014 2014,1
10 Financial investment constraints : a panel threshold application to German firm level data Tarassow, Artur 2015 2014,5
11 Evaluating the link between consumers' savings portfolio decisions, their inflation expectations and economic news Arnold, Eva et al. 2014 2014,2
12 Catching up with the Joneses and borrowing constraints : an agent-based analysis of household debt König, Nadja et al. 2014 2014,4
13 Don't worry, be right! : survey wording effects on inflation perceptions and expectation Dräger, Lena et al. 20 2013,8
14 Anchoring of consumers' inflation expectations : evidence from microdata Dräger, Lena et al. 2013 2013,5
15 Money growth and inflation : evidence from a Markov Switching Bayesian VAR Amisano, Gianni et al. 2013 2013,4
16 International similarities of bank lending practices and varieties of insolvency laws : a comparative analysis of France and Germany Größl, Ingrid et al. 2012 2012,3
17 Forecasting the Brazilian Real and the Mexican Peso : asymmetric loss, forecast rationality, and forecaster herding Fritsche, Ulrich et al. 2012 2012,2
18 Forecasting the Euro : do forecasters have an asymmetric loss function? Fritsche, Ulrich et al. 2012 2012,1
19 Does an expanding low-pay sector decrease structural unemployment? : evidence from Germany Garz, Marcel et al. 2011 2011,4
20 Endogenous persistence with recursive inattentiveness Dräger, Lena 2011 2011,3
21 Inflation perceptions and expectations in Sweden : are media reports the "missing link"? Dräger, Lena 2011 2011,1
22 Why don't people pay attention? : endogenous sticky information in a DSGE model Dräger, Lena 2010 2010,2
23 Do prices in the EMU converge (non-linearly)? Fritsche, Ulrich et al. 2009 2009,4
24 Evaluating German business cycle forecasts under an asymmetric loss function Döpke, Jörg et al. 2009 2009,5
25 A detailed derivation of the sticky price and sticky information new Keynesian DSGE model Menz, Jan-Oliver et al. 2009 2009,2
26 Adjustment in EMU : is convergence assured? Dullien, Sebastian et al. 2009 2009,7

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