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Schriftenreihe: Report // Culture & Mental Health Research Unit

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Promotion in First Nations and Inuit Communities 1999 9
2 Widening the Circle: Collaborative Research for Mental Health Promotion in Native Communities ; proceedings of the conference "Widening the Circle: developing partnerships for Aboriginal Mental Health", September 26-28, 1997, Montreal, Quebec 1998 8
3 Inuit Concepts of Mental Health and Illness: An Ethnographic Study 1997 4
4 Risk Factors for Attempted Suicide Among Inuit Youth: A Community Survey Malus, Michael et al. 1994 3
5 Emerging Trends in Research on Mental Health Among Canadian Aboriginal Peoples Kirmayer, Laurence J. 1994 2
6 Suicide in Canadian Aboriginal Populations: Emerging Trends in Research and Intervention Kirmayer, Laurence J. 1994 1

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