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Schriftenreihe: Study paper // Europa-Kolleg, Institute for European Integration

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 EU's approach to abuse of dominance concerning online platforms: a new era for EU competition policy? Gündoğar, Meltem 2023 2023,2
2 Coherence of EU common agricultural policy reform with the EU green deal objectives Gündoğar, Ibrahim 2023 2023,1
3 The use of the constitutional right to human dignity in the South African legal system in comparison to the application in the European Union Öztunali, Timur Mete 2023 2023,3
4 Accountability in EMU's intergovernmental sphere Feddersen, Jacob 2023 2023,4
5 Half a century later: the costs of European development policy on grappling African industries Osei-Bonsu, Julian 2022 2022,1
6 The principle of direct effect by the court oft he Eurasion Economic Union : a Eurasian restatement of Van Gend en Loos in order to achieve further integration? Sames, Felix Toggi 2021 2021,2
7 Veil-piercing under American, German, and Taiwanese company law Chao, Lydia 2021 2021,1
8 Establishment of investment court system under CETA and EU-Viet Nam FTA and its compatibility with EU law Singh Jaswant, Shilpa 2019 2019,2
9 Post-Brexit European Union : future of the English Common Law ínfluence Mantosh, Richard 2019 2019,1
10 Poland, the rule of law and human rights : how can national crises be adressed at the European Union level? Schuster, Margarita Anna 2019 2019,3
11 Queering European Union Law : sex and gender beyond the binary and cisnormativity Espinhaço Gomes, Inês 2019 2019,4
12 The classification of digital labour as a constitutional problem : mapping the collaborative economy for a social Europe Kumar, Smarika 2018 2018,03
13 Human rights of refugee children in light of the multilevel system Rivera Barreto, Thais 2018 2018,2
14 Disclosure of evidence under the damages directive : conflicts and compatibility between the ECJs case-by-case analysis and the rules on protection of immunity recipients information Palma Rodríguez, Matías 2018 2018,1
15 Settlement procedure in EU commission's competition law enforcement : a "negotiation" game between the commission and cartelists Zheng, Rong 2017 2017,1
16 Drifting away from the safe Harbor : re-thinking legal privacy protection within EU-US data flows Granda, Victoria C. 2016 2016,5
17 The mulit-level system of human rights protection : an examination of the margin of appreciation and the right of life Hornibrook, Jennifer 2016 2016,4
18 The impact of eastern enlargement on the European Union's foreign policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean (2004-2016) Pasquali, Marina Laura 2016 2016,3
19 Aviation alliances and the competition issues in the European and Indian market : a comparative study focusing on code-sharing agreements and frequent flyer programs Naskar, Arnab 2016 2016,2
20 The applicability of EU law on procedural and substantive issues to arbitration proceedings López de Guereño, Sebastián Aznárez 2016 2016,1
21 The notion of the rule of law in the EU's rule of law promotion activities Rabinovych, Maryna 2015 2015,5
22 The principle of effective judicial protection when member states implement EU law : an analysis of the rules on access to court and standing for environmental NGOs in Belgium and Germany Coltura, Celien 2015 2015,4
23 Regulation of vertical mergers under European Union law : lessons to be lernt by other jurisdictions Dadhich, Mrudul 2015 2015,3
24 The EU's response to the Libyan crisis : a liberal intergovernment approach Kroll, Natalia 2015 2015,2
25 Investor-state dispute settlement in the transatlantic trade and investment partnership : an inescapable necessity or a Trojan Horse? Andrijauskaite, Agnes 2015 2015,1
26 Public procurement in the internal market : free movement of goods and freedom to provide services Pula, Visiola 2015 2015,6
27 European Union training mission Mali (EUTM Mali) as an example of the European Union's comprehensive approach to crisis management Plettke, Jan-Uwe 2014 2014,3
28 Visa policy as an instrument of EU external governance? : the case of Belarus Kadlubovich, Aliona 2014 2014,1
29 The chances of success of the Europe 2020 strategy : an analysis against the background of the Lisbon strategy Höpker, Lena 2013 2013,4
30 A critical analysis of antidumping policy at the multilateral and regional levels : the potential influence of Europe's trade power for possible reform Lee, Jiwon Sarah 2013 2013,3
31 EU competition policy and the common agricultural policy : a case study of contractual relations in the milk and milk products sector O'Donovan, Alice 2013 2013,13
32 How the European union assists SMEs in their access to finance : measures and evaluation Kohlmann, Nicolas 2013 2013,2
33 A constitutional leap, the big three and the capability expectation gap : theorizing the never-ending story of framing a truly CFSP/CSDP Corts Díaz, Carlos 2012 2012,1
34 The problems relating to the margin of appreciation doctrin under the European convention on human rights Zhordania, Tamar 2012 2012,5
35 Technical barriers to trade and standardization policy Khudina, Ekaterina 2012 2012,4
36 Coordination in multijurisdictional competition cases. Developing a "main impact principle" in international law Freese, Thea 2012 2012,2
37 Chances and Hurdles of the (new) foreign policy of the European Union using the example of the European role in the middle east peace process Schöberle, Hannah 2011 2011,2
38 Does European Regionalism lead to Separatism? : an analysis and forecast of regionalism in Europe under consideration of the Kingdom of Denmark and its autonomous regions Brandtjen, Roland 2011 2011,1
39 EU human rights policy in the UN human rights council Pradetto, Kajetan 2010 2010,3
40 Die Einbeziehung außerwettbewerblicher Erwägungen in Artikel 81 EGV Bozhilova, Polina 2010 2010,2
41 Peaceful dispute settlement in the context of the boundary dispute between Croatia and Slovenia Šimunić, Maja 2010 2010,1

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