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Schriftenreihe: HWWI research paper ... by the HWWI research programme international trade and development ; 1.2006 - 10.2007

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Teacher shortages, teacher contracts and their impact on education in Africa Bourdon, Jean et al. 2007 2,10
2 Technology trade in economic development Busse, Matthias et al. 2007 2,9
3 Consequences of economic : partnership agreements between East and Southern African countries and the EU for inter- and intra-regional integration Borrmann, Axel et al. 2007 2,8
4 Does Africa really benefit from trade? Busse, Matthias et al. 2007 2,7
5 Learning by doing in market reform : lessons from a regional bond fund Ma, Guonan et al. 2006 2,6
6 Institutional and structural problems of China's foreign exchange market and the RMB's role in East Asia Zhang Jikang et al. 2006 2,5
7 The ASEAN Economic Community and the European experience Plummer, Michael G. et al. 2006 2,4
8 Steuern und Steuerpolitik in Entwicklungsländern : die Eigenverantwortlichkeit der Regierungen Menck, Karl Wolfgang et al. 2006 2,2
9 Capital markets and exchange rate stabilization in East Asia : diversifying risk based on currency baskets Schnabl, Gunther 2006 2,1

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