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Schriftenreihe: Berichte zur Erdsystemforschung

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Snowball earth aftermath : ocean dynamics and carbon cycling under extreme greenhouse conditions Ramme, Lennart 2023 265
2 Elevated moist layers - exploring a blindspot in the global satellite observing system Prange, Marc 2023 264
3 On the uncertainty in modelling tropical relative humidity Lang, Theresa Claudia 2023 263
4 Towards improved seasonal climate predictions with artificial intelligence : an application on summer teleconnections Carvalho Oliveira, Julianna 2023 261
5 Internal variability of sea ice and surface air temperature in a warming Arctic climate Gieße, Céline 2023 260
6 Measuring and modeling of methane emissions from ponds in high latitudes Rehder, Zoé 2022 252
7 Advancing non-linear methods for coupled data assimilation across the atmosphere-land interface Finn, Tobias Sebastian 2022 251
8 Sensitivity of resolved convection to ocean and land surfaces in the Tropical Atlantic and Amazon Basin Paccini Peña, Laura Giulianna 2022 250
9 Small and optically thin clouds in the trades Mieslinger, Theresa 2021 249
10 Meso-scale patterns of shallow convection in the trades Schulz, Hauke 2021 248
11 Influence of the representation of convection on the mid-Holocene West African monsoon Jungandreas, Leonore 2021 247
12 Observations of meso-scale circulation and its relationship with cloudiness in the tropics George, Geet 2021 246
13 Generation of HD parameters files for ICON grids : technical note Riddick, Thomas 2021 245
14 New techniques for ultra-high-resolution circulation model evaluation Hansen, Akio 2021 244
15 Internal variability and potential predictability of the global carbon cycle in a perfect-model framework Spring, Aaron 2021 243
16 A split-explicit time-stepping scheme for ICON-Ocean Krönert, Lukas 2021 242
17 Impact of forest drought response on land-atmosphere interactions Wey, Hao-wei 2020 241
18 JSBACH 3 : the land component of the MPI Earth System Model : documentation of version 3.2 Reick, Christian H. et al. 2021 240
19 Benchmark calculations of the climate sensitivity of radiative-convective equilibrium Kluft, Lukas 2020 239
20 A new Eulerian iceberg module for climate studies : formulation and application to the investigation of the sensitivity of the AMOC to iceberg calving Erokhina, Olga 2020 238
21 Response characteristics of the global carbon cycle in earth system models Mendonça, Guilherme Luiz Torres 2020 237
22 Decadal prediction of shelf-sea marine ecosystems in the eastern North Atlantic : the role of the Subpolar Gyre Koul, Vimal 2020 236
23 Variability of the contemporary Southern Ocean carbon fluxes and storage Keppler, Lydia 2020 235
24 Studying land-atmosphere interactions in an Earth system model : the role of canopy heat storage and leaf thermoregulation Heidkamp, Marvin 2020 234
25 Using simple models to understand changes in the tropical mean atmosphere under warming Dacie, Sally 2020 233
26 On the interactions between land and water use in Brazilian rainfed agriculture Flach, Rafaela Ariana 2020 232
27 Historical warming and climate sensitivity Jiménez-de-la-Cuesta Otero, Diego 2020 231
28 Evaluating and systematically improving the European Union's nature protection network towards current and potential ecoregion representation targets Müller, Anke 2020 230
29 The Deep western boundary current in an eddying ocean Lüschow, Veit Magnus 2020 229
30 Extreme high sea levels in the German Bight : past variability and future changes Lang, Andreas 2020 228
31 The Influence of large coherent structures on near-surface and entrainment zone properties on convective boundary layers Fodor, Katherine 2020 227
32 On the relationship between the Tropical Easterly Jet over West Africa and Sahel rainfall across variaous time scales Lemburg, Alexander 2020 226
33 Riverine and coastal ocean contributions to global and regional oceanic cycling of carbon and nutrients Lacroix, Fabrice 2020 225
34 The response of global terrestrial photosynthesis to rising CO2 : a synthesis of models and observations Winkler, Alexander Josef 2020 224
35 Seasonal prediction of European summer climate : a process-based approach Neddermann, Nele-Charlotte 2019 223
36 Multiple climate states and bifurcations on Earth-like terra-planets Kalidindi, Sirisha 2019 222
37 Internal variability in summertime heat extremes under global warming Suárez Gutiérrez, Laura 2019 221
38 Rethinking the relationship between the observed, simulated and real Arctic sea-ice evolution Burgard, Clara 2019 220
39 Internal variability in a changing climate : a large ensemble perpective on tropical Atlantic rainfall Milinski, Sebastian 2019 219
40 On entrainment in sheared convective boundary layers Haghshenas, Armin 2019 218
41 Atmospheric chemistry reactions in a turbulent flow: applications to an urban environment Li, Wing Yi 2019 217
42 Stratospheric controls on northern hemispheric storm tracks Haufschild, Tobias 2019 216
43 On the role of wind shear and cloud droplet sedimentation on entrainment in stratocumulus Schulz, Bernhard 2019 215
44 Convectively generated gravity waves and convective aggregation in numerical models of tropical dynamics Müller, Sebastian Karl 2019 214
45 Mathematics of extreme events in atmospheric models Galfi, Vera Melinda 2018 213
46 Statistical mechanical methods for parametrization in geophysical fluid dynamics Vissio, Gabriele 2018 212
47 Expedition to the North Atlantic with RV Maria S. Merian: Report on MSM 68/2 Fiedler, Stephanie 2018 211
48 Disentangling gravity waves from balanced flow Chouksey, Manita 2018 210
49 Understanding internal variability of sea ice and surface air temperature : quantifying, unravelling and coping with chaos on a changing planet Olonscheck, Dirk 2018 209
50 Decadal climate predictions in the North Atlantic region : the role of ocean heat transport Borchert, Leonard Friedrich 2018 208
51 Multiple tree-cover states in the earth system Abis, Beniamino 2018 207
52 Large-eddy simulations of land-atmosphere interactions and mid-latitude storms : from conceptual models to realistic cases Cioni, Guido 2018 206
53 The effects of marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria on ocean biogeochemistry and climate - an Earth system model perspective Paulsen, Hanna 2018 205
54 Climatic effects of large volcanic eruptions Timmreck, Claudia 2018 204
55 Linking marine dust records to Saharan landscape evolution during the holocene : a theoretical study Egerer, Sabine 2018 203
56 On the interaction of precipitating convection with its environment and the role of convective organization Becker, Tobias Benjamin 2018 202
57 Local and nonlocal biogeophysical effects of deforestation in a climate model Winckler, Johannes 2017 201
58 Modelling the effects of land use change on soil carbon on global scale Nyawira, Sylvia Sarah 2017 200
59 The influence of precipitation and convective organization on the structure of the trades Vogel, Raphaela 2017 199
60 Climate dynamics of a slowly rotating aquaplanet Salameh, Josiane 2017 198
61 Potentials and side-effects of herbaceous biomass plantations for climate change mitigation Mayer, Dorothea 2017 197
62 Conflicting expectations of global surface warming Hedemann, Christopher 2017 196
63 Effects of plant diversity on simulated climate-vegetation interaction towards the end of the African humid period Groner, Vivienne Pascale 2017 195
64 The AMOC and its sensitivity to different climate forcings in the range of glacial to modern conditions Klockmann, Marlene 2017 194
65 Climate engineering by enhancement of ocean alkalinity: impacts on the earth system and a comparison with solar radiation management Ferrer González, Miriam 2017 193
66 Integrated assessment of climate tipping points Belaia, Mariia 2017 192
67 Understanding soil moisture - precipitation coupling on mesoscles using observations over North Africa Petrova, Irina Yurievna 2017 191
68 Towards modeling climate effects of energetic perticle precipitation Meraner, Katharina 2017 190
69 Impact of the multidecadal variations in the North Atlantic Sea surface temperature on European summer climate Ghosh, Rohit 2017 189
70 Point-to-area validation of passive microwave satellite precipitation with shipboard disdrometers Burdanowitz, Jörg 2017 188
71 The influence of misrepresenting the nocturnal boundary layer on daytime convection in large-eddy simulations Stratum, Bart van 2017 187
72 Error estimation algorithms for ocean models Ackmann, Jan 2017 186
73 Assessment of policy and climate variability impacts on food, water and energy in the Asian monsoon region under diverse adaptation scenarios Cremades Rodeja, Roger 2016 185
74 Climate and ocean variability during the last millennium in paleo-observations and earth system model simulations Moreno Chamarro, Eduardo 2016 184
75 Intermodel spread in global and tropical precipitation changes Fläschner, Dagmar 2016 183
76 Effects of coupling frequency on climate simulated by a coupled AO-GCM : ratio of momentum lux (HC/DC) Tian, Fangxing 2016 182
77 Drivers of precipitation biases in the tropical Atlantic sector Siongco, Angela Cheska 2016 181
78 The impact of black carbon aerosol induced snow darkening on the radiation balance in ECHAM6: quantifying the contribution of wildfires for present and future conditions Engels, Jessica 2016 180
79 Internal tides simulated by a 1/10° OGCM Li, Zhuhua 2016 179
80 Climate impact on geophysical thermokarst processes during the past 6000 years Schöngaßner, Thomas 2016 178
81 Modelling long-term, large-scale sediment dynamics in an earth system model framework Naipal, Victoria 2016 177
82 Turbulent enhancement of the melt rate at an ice-ocean interface Keitzl, Thomas 2015 176
83 West African monsoon rainfall in a warming climate Park, Jong-yeon 2015 175
84 Quantifying the present and future climate impact of wildfire emission heights in an Earth System Model Veira, Andreas 2015 174
85 On the discrepancy between observed and simulated dynamical responses of Northern Hemisphere winter climate to large tropical volcanic eruptions Bittner, Matthias 2015 173
86 Impact of surface heterogeneities on land surface water and energy fluxes Vrese, Philipp de 2015 172
87 A stochastic parameterization of shallow cumulus convection for high-resolution numerical weather prediction and climate models Sakrad?ija, Mirjana 2015 171
88 Cloud structures and rain formation in the atmospheric boundary layer Naumann, Ann Kristin 2015 170
89 The water and heat cycles in a coupled ocean-atmosphere-model for the Baltic Sea Raub, Thomas 2015 169
90 Analysis and application of the ensemble Kalman filter for the estimation of bounded quantities Geppert, Gernot 2015 168
91 The role of heterogeneities and land-atmosphere interactions in the development of moist convection Rieck, Malte 2015 167
92 The North Atlantic Deep Western Boundary Current : seasonal cycle, decadal variability and relation to the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Mielke, Charlotte Laura 2015 166
93 Modelling the Carbon Cycle during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Heinze, Mathias 2015 165
94 The Next-generation Aircraft Remote sensing for VALidation Studies (NARVAL) Campaign flight reports using the research aircraft HALO 2014 164
95 Vegetation-atmosphere interactions in the early Eocene climate Port, Ulrike 2014 163
96 The role of convectively generated gravity waves in driving the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Schirber, Sebastian 2014 162
97 The economic impacts of climate change and options for adaptation : a study of the farming sector in the European Union Trapp, Natalie 2014 161
98 The role of wind induced near-inertial waves on the energetics of the ocean Rimac, Antonija 2014 160
99 Analysis of the surface layer and the entrainment zone of a convective boundary layer using direct numerical simulation Garcia, Jade Rachele S. 2014 159
100 Arctic boundary-layer processes and climate change Pithan, Felix 2014 158
101 Scale interactions in high-latitude ecosystems Cresto Aleina, Fabio 2014 157
102 Impact of thermodynamic surface properties on climate and climate change in a radiative-convective equilibrium version of ECHAM6 Becker, Tobias 2014 156
103 Value of information under climate targets : an application of cost-risk analysis Neubersch, Delf 2014 155
104 A two turbulence kinetic energy model for the scale adaptive treatment of the planetary boundary layer Bhattacharya, Rhittik 2014 154
105 Analysis of Arctic sea-ice leads from advanced microwave scanning radiometer Bröhan, David Alexander 2014 153
106 Climate instabilities under strong solar forcing Popp, Max 2014 152
107 A stochastic model for options and strategies for the Spanish agricultural sector under climate change Choi, Hyung Sik 2014 151
108 Influence of different permafrost processes on the large scale energy and water cycles over Siberia Blome, Tanja 2014 150
109 Wave-mean flow interactions driving the quasi-biennial oscillation in ECHAM6 Krismer, Thomas 2014 149
110 Single column models and low cloud feedbacks Cheedela, Suvarchal Kumar 2014 148
111 Susceptibility of trade wind cumulus clouds to precipitation Lonitz, Katrin 2014 147
112 Impact of initialization procedures on the predictive skill of a coupled ocean-atmosphere model and related mechanisms for predictability Polkova, Iuliia 2014 146
113 Towards a scale aware cloud process parameterization for global climate models Schemann, Vera 2013 145
114 A 1D model study of brine dynamics in sea ice Griewank, Philipp Johannes 2013 144
115 The role of bioenergy production in the terrestrial carbon cycle and energy balance Dass, Pawlok 2013 143
116 Internal variability in the regional climate model REMO Sieck, Kevin 2013 142
117 Connections of low level jets and mesoscale convective systems in South America Remedio, Armelle Reca C. 2013 141
118 Estimation of evapotranspiration using satellite TOA radiances Peng, Jian 2013 140
119 Glacial climate variability Ziemen, Florian Andreas 2013 139
120 The Arctic hydrologic cycle and its variability in a regional coupled climate model Niederdrenk, Anne Laura 2013 138
121 Numerical studies of stratosphere-troposphere dynamical coupling in a changing climate Bunzel, Felix 2013 137
122 User manual for ECHAM6 : June 21,2013, (2013-02-26), version echam-6.1.06p3-guide-1.3 2013 136
123 The atmospheric general circulation model ECHAM6 : model description 2013 135
124 Designing a dynamically integrated water management scheme as an adaptation strategy for global change induced water stress Weerasinghe, W. M. Thushantha Harshi 2013 134
125 Causes for regional changes in heavy precipitation over Europe Radermacher, Christine 2013 133
126 Climate and climate variability in an aquaplanet set-up Dahms, Eileen 2013 132
127 Remote sensing of sea ice thickness using SMOS data Maaß, Nina 2013 131
128 Modelling interactions between boreal wetlands, carbon cycle and climate Schuldt, Robert J. 2013 130
129 Factors controlling the position of the inter-tropical convergence zone on an aquaplanet Möbis, Benjamin 2013 129
130 Continental moisture recycling and evaporation-precipitation coupling : water as passive tracer and as active component Gößling, Helge Friedrich 2013 128
131 Toward goal-oriented R-adaptive models in geophysical fluid dynamics using a generalized discretization approach Bauer, Werner 2013 127
132 The influence of phosphorus cycling and temperature acclimation of photosynthesis on the land carbon cycle Goll, Daniel Sebastian 2013 126
133 Analysis of multistability and abrupt transitions - method studies with a global atmosphere-vegetation model simulating the end of the African Humid Period Bathiany, Sebastian 2013 125
134 Evaluation of stochastic kinetic energy backscatter in the GME Ensemble Prediction System Ambadan, Jaison Thomas 2013 124
135 Simulating the early Holocene eastern Mediterranean sapropel formation using an ocean biogeochemical model Grimm, Rosina 2012 123
136 On the evolution of first-year sea ice Ehlert, Iris 2012 122
137 Physical validation and bracket-based dynamical cores for mesoscale NWP models Petrik, Ronn 2012 121
138 Modeling of mineral dust in the Southern Hemisphere with focus on Antarctica for interglacial and glacial climate conditions Sudarchikova, Natalia 2012 120
139 Long-term stability and adjustment toward equilibrium in a future warm climate Li, Chao 2012 119
140 Finite element methods, grid refinement, and boundary currents in geophysical modeling Düben, Peter Dominik 2012 118
141 Regional surface albedo characteristics : analysis of albedo data application to land-cover changes for a regional climate model Preuschmann, Swantje 2012 117
142 Weather research and forecasting model with chemistry (WRF-CHEM) over South Asia Kumar, Rajesh 2012 116
143 Initializing and predictability of Arctic sea ice in a global climate model Tietsche, Steffen 2012 115
144 Evaluation of the tropospheric chemistry general circulation model ECHAM5–MOZ and its application to the analysis of the chemical composition of the troposphere with an emphasis on the late RETRO period 1990-2000 2014 114
145 Influences of the 11-year solar cycle on the tropical atmosphere and oceans Misios, Stergios 2012 113
146 Tidal mixing and large-scale circulation Exarchou, Eleftheria 2012 112
147 Middle Miocene climate evolution : the role of large-scale ocean circulation and ocean gateways Krapp, Mario 2012 111
148 Evaluating the state-of-the-art of and errors in 1D satellite cloud liquid water path retrievals with large eddy simulations and realistic radiative transfer models 2012 110
149 Modelling alternatice land use regimes in semi-arid Morocco : assessment of perspectives in changing environment Freier, Korbinian Peter 2011 109
150 Ship emission influence on clouds in satellite and model data Peters, Karsten 2011 108
151 Early Holocene Eastern Mediterranean ocean climate and the stability of its overturning circulation Adloff, Fanny 2011 107
152 Relative contribution of the mid-latitude circumglobal wave train to the South Asian summer monsoon Saeed, Sajjad 2011 106
153 Holocene climate and vegetation in the Asian monsoon region Dallmeyer, Anne F. 2011 105
154 Einfluss der Zwei-Wege Nestung auf die Ergebnisse globaler und regionaler Klimasimulationen Lorenz, Philip 2011 104
155 The water cycle in the Mediterranean region and the impacts of climate change Elizalde Arellano, Alberto 2011 103
156 Irrigation and global change : new applications for integrated global land use modeling Sauer, Timm 2011 102
157 Retrieval of microphysical cloud properties : a novel algorithm for decomposing cloud radar spectra Melchionna, Sabrina 2011 101
158 5th International Precipitation Working Group Workshop : Workshop program and proceedings. 1-15 Otober 2010, Hamburg, Germany Klepp, Christian 2011 100
159 Developments of a dynamical wetlands hydrology scheme and its application under different climate conditions Stacke, Tobias 2011 99
160 The influence of precipitating solar and magnetospheric energetic charged particles on the entire atmosphere : Simulations with Hammonia Kieser, Jens 2011 98
161 Error estimation in geophysical fluid dynamics through learning Rauser, Florian 2011 97
162 Impact of irrigation on South Asian monsoon climate Saeed, Fahad 2011 96
163 Assessing the uncertainty in climate sensitivity Klocke, Daniel 2011 95
164 Vegetation - albedo - precipitation interactions in North Africa during the Holocene Vamborg, Freja S.E. 2011 94
165 Impact of Climate Change on the Coastal Climate of South-Western Africa Hänsler, Andreas 2011 93
166 The influence of plant nitrogen availability on the global carbon cycle and N2O emissions Parida, Bikash Ranjan 2011 92
167 Holocene and Eemian climate variability Fischer, Nils 2011 91
168 The hydrological cycle : how observational data are able to improve climate models Hagemann, Stefan 2011 90
169 Impact of inhomogeneities on non-linear cloud processes Weber, Torsten 2011 89
170 Using CALIPSO and CloudSat satellite retrievals to evaluate low-level cloud parameterizations in ECHAM5 for cloud-climate feedbacks implications Nam, Christine Cheung-Wai 2011 88
171 Can convective precipitation variability be deduced from the variabiblity in CAPE and CIN? : An analysis of global CAPE and CIN variability in present and future climates Riemann-Campe, Kathrin 2010 87
172 Systematic conservation planning in Europe : the case of wetland biodiversity Jantke, Kerstin 2011 86
173 Warming up the atmospheres heat engine : atmospheric energetics with higher greenhouse gas concentrations 2011 85
174 Eastern-boundary baroclinic variability and the meridional overturning circulation at 26.5°N Chidichimo, María Paz 2010 84
175 Snowball earth : initiation and Hadely cell dynamics Voigt, Aiko 2010 83
176 Simulation of atmospheric krypton-85 transport to assess the detectability of clandestine nuclear reprocessing Roß, Jens Ole 2010 82
177 Feedbacks between convection and climate : analysis with global modeling and satellite observations Gehlot, Swati 2010 81
178 Interactions between climate and vegetation at high northern latitudes during the mid-Holocene Otto, Juliane 2010 80
179 Variability of Arctic sea ice Koldunov, Nikolay Vladimirovich 2010 79
180 Validation of climate system models with mid-Holocene palaeobotanic data for the northern extratropics Wohlfahrt, Jens 2010 78
181 Towards the assessment of the climate effects of secondary organic aerosols O'Donnell, Declan 2010 77
182 Climate and air pollution modelling in South America with focus on megacities Teichmann, Claas 2010 76
183 Zeitreihenanalyse von regionalen Temperatur- und Niederschlagssimulationen in Deutschland Bülow, Katharina G. 2010 75
184 Equity and climate change : applications of FUND Anthoff, David 2009 74
185 Stability and burden sharing emissions in international environmental agreements: a game-theoretic approach Osmani, Dritan 2009 73
186 The HOAPS climatology evaluation and applications Andersson, Axel 2009 72
187 Climate change impacts on flood related hydrological processes : further development and application of a global scale hydrological model Verzano, Kerstin 2009 71
188 Warm and sensitive Paleocene-Eocene climate Heinemann, Malte 2009 70
189 Development and application of a high-resolving atmosphere-microphysics-chemistry model for prediction of aerosol characteristics in the vicinity of sources Valdebenito B., Álvaro M. 2009 69
190 A model estimate on the effect of anthropogenic land cover change on the climate of the last millennium Pongratz, Julia 2009 68
191 Conservative space and time regularizations for the ICON model 2009 67
192 The influence of vegetation on the cycling of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) assesses by a multi compartment box model Tomašic, Marin Alan 2009 66
193 Developing and testing a hydrostatic atmospheric dynamical core on triangular grids Wan, Hui 2009 65
194 Studying polar lows over the Nordic Seas with satellite data Blechschmidt, Anne-Marlene 2009 64
195 Extreme climate events and euro-atlantic atmospheric blocking in present and future climate model simulations Sillmann, Jana 2009 63
196 GIS as integrating tool in sustainability and global change Schleupner, Christine 2009 62
197 On biogeophysical interactions between vegetation phenology and climate simulated over Europe Rechid, Diana 2009 61

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