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Schriftenreihe: Working Paper // CLISEC

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Environmental peacemaking and environmental peacebuilding in International politics Ide, Tobias 2019 35
2 They sow the wind and reap bioenergy? : implications of the Energiewende on coastal communities in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Link, P. Michael et al. 2018 33
3 Local approximation of path-dependent behavior : the SHE-Model Link, Jasmin S. A. 2017 32
4 Conflict and cooperation in the water-security nexus : a global comparative analysis of river basins under climate change Link, P. Michael 2016 31
5 Climate change as a risk multiplierin a world of complex crises Scheffran, Jürgen, 1957- 2015 30
6 Climate change, migration (governance) and conflict in the South Pacific, submitted Böge, Volker, 1952- 2015 29
7 Climate-related flood risks and urban responses in the Pearl River Delta, China Yang, Liang 2014 27
8 Climate change : source of conflict or promoter of cooperation? Scheffran, Jürgen, 1957- 2013 26
9 Impacts of sea level rise on the coastal zones of Egypt Link, P. Michael et al. 2012 25
10 Field trip report : gender and environmental migration in the Karakoram region Gioli, Giovanna 2012 24
11 Reducing climate adaptation deficits using revolving fund network schemes in rural areas : case study of Loitoktok district, Kenya Ngaruiya, Grace W. et al. 2012 23
12 Modeling the linkage between climate change and violent conflict Kominek, Jasmin et al. 2012 22
13 Water risks and urban responses under a changing climate : a case study of Hong Kong Yang, Liang et al. 2012 21
14 Report on the conference "Geoengineering the Climate: An Issue for Peace and Security Studies?" 2012 20
15 On foes and flows : vulnerabilities, adaptive capacities and transboundary relations in the Nile River Basin in times of climate change 2012 19
16 Past and future research on climate change and violent conflict 2012 18
17 From security threat to conflict prevention : integrating migration into climate adaptation policy frameworks in Africa Marmer, Elina et al. 2011 17
18 Migration as a resource for resilience and innovation in climate adaptation : social networks and co-development in Northwest Africa Scheffran, Jürgen et al. 2011 16
19 On arms and adaptation : climate change and pastoral conflict in Northern Kenya 2011 15
20 Local adaptation and national climate change policy in Kenya : discrepancies, options, and the way forward Schilling, Janpeter et al. 2011 14
21 Climate change, vulnerability and adaptation in North Africa with focus on Morocco 2011 13
22 Cascading processes and path dependency in social networks Kominek, Jasmin et al. 2011 12
23 Wasser als globale Herausforderung : die Ressource Wasser Alwardt, Christian 2011 11
24 Impact of climate change on water conflict and cooperation in the Nile River basin Link, P. Michael ... 2010 9
25 The pursuit of rational action leads to herding behavior : an example of reinforcing dynamics shaped by organizational structures and behavioral pathsin financial markets Kominek, Jasmin 2010 8
26 Global climate policy reinforces local social path dependent structures : more conflict in the world? Kominek, Jasmin 2010 7
27 Integrated assessment of climate security hot spots in the mediterranean region : potential water conflicts in the Nile River basin Link, P. Michael ... 2010 6
28 A new action model : deducing an "ideal type path dependent" for scenario simulation Kominek, Jasmin 2009 5
29 Each institutionalization elementary is a self-reinforcing process increasing path dependency Kominek, Jasmin 2009 4
30 Theories and models of the climate security link Scheffran, Jürgen et al. 2009 3
31 Analysing the path of "using cyclical patterns for interpreting the situation" : a different approach using path dependency theory Kominek, Jasmin 2009 2

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