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Schriftenreihe: HCHE research papers // Hamburg Center for Health Economics

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Heterogeneous spillover effects of children's education on parental mental health Everding, Jakob 2019 18
2 The effect of unemployment on the smoking behavior of couples Everding, Jakob et al. 2019 17
3 The health effects of smoking bans : evidence from German hospitalization data Kvasnicka, Michael et al. 2018 16
4 Semiparametric count data modeling with an application to health service demand Bach, Philipp 2017 15
5 Ambulatory care at the end of a billing period Himmel, Konrad 2017 14
6 Unlucky to be young? : the long-term effects of school starting age on smoking behaviour and health Bahrs, Michael 2016 13
7 Measuring change in subjective wellbeing : methods to quantify recall bias and recalibration response shift Blome, Christine 2016 12
8 Using nonparametric conditional approach to integrate quality into efficiency analysis : empirical evidence from cardiology departments Varabyova, Yauheniya 2016 11
9 Cost-effectiveness of intravenous 5 mg zoledronic acid to prevent subsequent clinical fractures in postmenopausal women after hip fracture : a model-based analysis Bleibler, Florian Christian 2016 10
10 A review of pay-for-performance programs in the inpatient sector in OECD countries Milstein, Ricarda 2015 9
11 Average-cost pricing and dynamic selection incentives in the hospital sector Kifmann, Mathias, 1970- et al. 2014 8
12 Estimation of a physician practice cost function Heimeshoff, Mareike et al. 2013 07
13 Fairer Systemwettbewerb zwischen gesetzlicher und privater Krankenversicherung Kifmann, Mathias et al. 2013 06
14 Electronic word of mouth about medical services Hinz, Vera et al. 2012 05
15 Measuring the relationship between costs and outcomes : the example of Acute Myocardial Infarction in German hospitals Stargardt, Tom et al. 2012 4
16 Effect of type of insurance and income on waiting time for outpatient care Roll, Kathrin et al. 2011 3
17 Changes in hospital efficiency after privatization Tiemann, Oliver et al. 2011 2
18 Premium subsidies and social insurance : substitutes or complements? Kifmann, Mathias et al. 2011 1

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