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Schriftenreihe: Hamburger Beiträge zur Angewandten Mathematik : Reihe A, Preprint (Forts. Hamburger Beiträge zur angewandten Mathematik)

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Computing quaternionic roots by Newton's method Janovská, Drahoslava et al. 2006 194
2 Linear equations in quaternions Janovská, Drahoslava et al. 2006 193
3 Nonsmooth operational control problems with switching functions of order zero Oberle, Hans Joachim 2006 192
4 Shift generated haar spaces on track fields : dedicated to the memory of Walter Hengartner Opfer, Gerhard 2006 191
5 Segmentation of boundaries into convex and concave parts Eckhardt, Ulrich 2005 190
6 Continuous convergence of relations: a principle in discretization procedures Ansorge, Rainer 2005 189
7 On the number 50 : dedicated to Marie Luise and Reiner Lauterbach on the occasion of their 50th birthday Opfer, Gerhard et al. 2005 188
8 Numerical computation of a singular state subarc in an economic optimal control model Oberle, Hans Joachim et al. 2005 187
9 A note on the Michaelis-Menten kinetics for enzymatic processes in solutions Struckmeier, Jens 2005 186
10 Fast givens transformation for quaternion valued matrices applied to Hessenberg reductions Janovská, Drahoslava et al. 2005 184
11 Bifurcation analysis of a class of 'car following' traffic models II: variable reaction times and aggressive drivers Gasser, Ingenuin 2004 183
12 A simplified model for non-isothermal crystallization of polymers Götz, Thomas et al. 2004 182
13 An adaptive concept for the finite element method for boundary eigenvalue problems Rothe, Kai 2004 181
14 A deterministic scheme for Smoluchowski's coagulation equation based on binary grid refinement Struckmeier, Jens 2004 180
15 The conjugate gradient algorithm applied to quaternion-valued matrices Opfer, Gerhard 2004 179
16 A mathematical investigation of a dynamical model for the growth and size distribution of multiple metastatic tumors Struckmeier, Jens 2003 177
17 Higher order acoustic perturbations for a loudspeaker with axisymmetric enclosure I : the mathematical model Foroughi, Mehdi et al. 2003 176
18 Shift generated Haar spaces on unbounded closed domains in the complex plane Giasson, Maude et al. 2003 175
19 Shift generated Haar spaces on compact domains in the complex plane Hengarnter, Walter et al. 2003 174
20 An one-dimensional asymptotic models for nonlinear accoustics Foroughi, Mehdi et al. 2003 173
21 A mesh-independence result for semismooth Newton methods Hintermüller, Michael et al. 2003 172
22 Given's transformation applied to quaternion valued vectors Janovská, Drahoslava et al. 2003 171
23 Convergence of discretization procedures for problems whose entropy solutions are uniquely characterized by additional relations Ansorge, Rainer 2003 170
24 Polygonal representations of digital sets Eckhardt, Ulrich et al. 2002 169
25 Semitopological approach to root images of median filters Eckhardt, Ulrich 2002 168

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