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Schriftenreihe: Working Paper Series // Fisheries Centre University of British Columbia, UBC

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 Construction and potential applications of a global cost of fishing database 2010 2010,13
2 Was the decline of Steller sea lions in the Aleutian Islands from 2000 to 2009 related to the Atka mackerel fishery? Trites, Andrew et al. 2010 2010,10
3 Understanding the cost of establishing marine protected areas McCrea-Strub, Ashley et al. 2010 2010,09
4 Historical marine fisheries data for Belgium : data sources, data management and data integration related to the reconstruction of historical time-series of marine fisheries landings for Belgium Lescrauwaet, Ann-Katrien et al. 2010 2010,08
5 A combined ecosystem and value chain modeling approach for evaluating societal cost and benefit of fishing Christensen, Villy et al. 2010 2010,06
6 Fisheries, ecosystems and piracy : a case study of Somalia Bawumia, Mahamudu et al. 2010 2010,04
7 The cost of delaying cooperative management of a transboundary fish stock vulnerable to climate variability : the case of Pacific Sardine Ishimura, Gakushi et al. 2010 2010,03
8 Can there be stable, cooperative management of a transboundary fish stock under climate variability? : The case study of the Pacific sardine Sumaila fishery in the California Current Ishimura, Gakushi et al. 2010 2010,02
9 Fishing games under climate variability : transboundary management of pacific sardine in the California current system Ishimura, Gakushi et al. 2010 2010,01

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