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Port State Control of Foreign Fishing Vessels

Lobach, Terje

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BK - Klassifikation: 67 , 48
Sondersammelgebiete: 21.3 Küsten- und Hochseefischerei
DDC-Sachgruppe: Biowissenschaften, Biologie
Dokumentart: Bericht / Forschungsbericht / Abhandlung
Schriftenreihe: FAO fisheries circular (2003-2007)
Bandnummer: 987
Sprache: Englisch
Erstellungsjahr: 2003
Publikationsdatum: 15.04.2009
Kurzfassung auf Deutsch: The FAO Committee on Fisheries (COFI) agreed in March 2001 on an international plan of action (IPOA) to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. The plan may be considered as a toolbox from which States may choose relevant measures to implement into domestic legislation. A joint FAO/IMO Working Group on IUU fishing met in October 2000 and agreed that FAO in cooperation with relevant organizations should consider the need to develop measures for port State control related to the management of fisheries resources. In order to facilitate possible future developments in this field, FAO convened in November 2002 an Expert Consultation to Review Port State Measures to Combat IUU Fishing. The present document draws on the experiences of IMO in developing port State control regimes with respect to vessel safety and pollution prevention standards and equipment. It looks into the reasons for the adoption of port State measures under the auspices of an agreement or a memorandum of understanding at regional level and into the means for achieving a transparent and efficient system. The paper further discusses elements of a possible Memorandum including possible actions by port States.

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