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Measuring and appraising capacity in fisheries: framework, analytical tools and data aggregation

Pascoe, S. ; Gréboval, D. ; Kirkley, J. ; Lindebo, E.

Dokument 1.pdf (435 KB)

BK - Klassifikation: 48.67
Sondersammelgebiete: 21.3 Küsten- und Hochseefischerei
DDC-Sachgruppe: Biowissenschaften, Biologie
Dokumentart: Bericht / Forschungsbericht / Abhandlung
Schriftenreihe: FAO fisheries circular
Bandnummer: 994
Sprache: Englisch
Erstellungsjahr: 2004
Publikationsdatum: 11.08.2008
Kurzfassung auf Deutsch: The present document includes two papers on the measurement of fishing capacity and completes existing FAO documentation on this topic. The first paper is introductory and provides a general framework for measurement and assessment. Capacity analysis can indeed assist fisheries managers in obtaining more information on the underlying capacity issues of fishing fleets, in terms of efficiency, productivity and overall balance with available resources. The second paper presents a practical and illustrative application of these analyses in an empirical setting for the fishing industry. Many tools are available that can be readily applied to input/output data of fishing fleets. Five such approaches are considered in the context of economic theory, namely catch-per-unit-effort, variable input utilization, peak-to-peak, data envelopment analysis and breakeven analysis.

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