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Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science

Marine Scotland Science


Band 5, Heft 4 (2014): Prioritisation of monitoring and research for diadromous fish in the context of Marine/Offshore Renewables : a summary of stakeholder engagement meetings between Marine Scotland, wild fisheries interests and wind, wave and tidal developers

Band 5, Heft 3 (2014): The science of deepwater oil spills : results from the 2013 Marine Scotland Science Modelling Workshop

Band 5, Heft 2 (2014): A protocol for implementing the interim Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCoD) approach : quantifying and assessing the effects of UK offshore renewable energy developments on marine mammal populations

Band 5, Heft 1 (2014): UK ocean acidification coastal monitoring network expanding the UK network : defra contract C5801/ME5309

Band 4, Heft 5 (2013): Modelling of noise effects of operational offshore wind turbines including noise transmission through various foundation types

Band 4, Heft 4 (2013): Measurement of contaminants and their effects in environmental samples : proposal for the revision of the sampling programme

Band 4, Heft 3 (2013): Epidemiology and control of an outbreak of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia in wrasse around Shetland commencing 2012

Band 4, Heft 2 (2013): Connectivity of benthic priority marine species within the Scottish MPA network

Band 4, Heft 1 (2013): Annual cycles of physical chemical and biological parameters in Scottish waters (2013 update)

Band 3, Heft 10 (2012): Scottish scallop stocks : results of 2011 stock assessments

Band 3, Heft 9 (2012): Data mining of the nephrops survey database to support the Scottish MPA project

Band 3, Heft 8 (2012): Catch comparison trials with the Faithlie Cod Avoidance Panel (FCAP)

Band 3, Heft 7 (2012): Scallop abundance in the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone : a baseline study

Band 3, Heft 6 (2012): Development of a GIS based Aquaculture Decision Support Tool (ADST) to determine the potential benthic impacts associated with the expansion of salmon farming in Scottish sea lochs

Band 3, Heft 5 (2012): SOTEAG rocky shore monitoring programme : TBT contamination in Sullom Voe, Shetland ; 2011 dogwhelk survey

Band 3, Heft 4 (2012): The distribution of zooplankton prey of forage fish in the firth of forth area, east coast of Scotland

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